Come Breathe

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Natatlie Armitages

Natalie is a South Asian, queer and trauma-informed Hatha trained Yoga teacher (certified in India), with a specialism in Pranayama. She co-created “Come Breathe” with the QTIBPOC community at the start of the pandemic online, and has taught for free for her community for over a year for accessible, safe, healing – to support with immunity, anxiety and depression. From a decolonised approach, she has moved it to a paid model with affordable rates for everyone, and continues to advocate for spaces online and offline for people to process their trauma, prioritise their breath and spiritual health- and the ancient knowledge behind it. 

Join Emmanuelle Andrews and Natalie Armitages in conversation about the importance of honouring ancestral legacies in healing practices authentically followed by an hour long Pranayama session connecting you with your life force.

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