Pinky Promise Presents: Communicating Desire: Mindful Kink w/ Sophia Rose

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Pinky Promise Presents:

When it comes to intimacy and kink, communicating our desires isn’t always simple or easy, sometimes we may not even know what we want! There can seem to be so many labels, types of play, roles and terms – it could feel hard to keep up or sometimes alienating. 

 In this workshop we will look at kink as a practice of mindful intimacy, and how to think differently to tap into our desire, wants and needs. We will explore language and ways to communicate our wishes leading to more aligned, connected, pleasurable experiences. BDSM can be explored on such a spectrum, and regardless of the intensity and type of play, or whether you are a seasoned kinkster or very new to this – you will walk away with more tools for communicating your desires.

Pinky Promise is a community platform who champion new ways to be playful, sensual & intimate. Pinky Promise firmly believe all of us deserve to have the freedom, space, and permission to discover and be the fullest expression of ourselves, beyond the limitations and prejudices of existing societal structures. By sharing our knowledge, skills, and perspectives, we open ourselves up to a richer experience of life, ourselves, and each other. By talking about things that aren’t easily or widely spoken about and bringing to light all of our contradictions, confusions, experiences and secrets, we clear the ground for new understandings and deep intimacy beyond shame, judgment, and constraint.

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