Cosmic Nidra (TM)

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Natasha K Richardson

Natasha K Richardson is the founder of the highly acclaimed TLC Method the transformational life coaching method that’s been changing creatives’ lives within Apple, Google, Sony and other disruptive brands + brains. Her methodologies and teachings have taken her all over the world, helping humans discover their purpose, sustain true inner peace and find new levels of prosperity. 

When she’s not helping high performing creatives live more consciously, she teaches ancient eastern philosophy disciplines with a unique TLC twist. Her  light hearted, jovial spirit and thought provoking rhetoric leaves you feeling confidently giddy at the thought of being able to actualise all of your dreams, all of the time

Cosmic Dream Nidra
Friday 18:45 – 19:45

Natasha will be weaving the ancient Tantra wisdom of Yoga Nidra with some powerfully channeled guided visualisations to take you deep into the hypnagogic state where you can expect to release your stored subconscious, unavailable in a wakeful state. Expect a high chance of lucid dreaming and self- realisation.
Please wear warm clothes like socks and jumper. You will be lying down in Savasana for the entirety.

Cosmic New Moon in Leo Nidra
Saturday 19:00 – 20:00

The moon has been up there as long as evolution has been taking place, and lunar rhythms are embedded in the life cycles of many organisms, including humans. Within this hour, expect a multidimensional experience where you will be guided into a hypnagogic state to receive the power of this years astrological Leo New Moon and understand your subconscious and the universe on a much deeper and visceral level.
Please wear warm clothes like socks and jumper. You will be lying down in Savasana for the entirety.

Please note extra experiences are not refundable or exchangeable if you book incorrectly, so please make sure you know which class you’d like to take part in before booking.
Read our full T&Cs here.

If you’ve booked in advance, please bring a copy of the lead booker’s I.D. and your confirmation email (printed or screenshotted on your phone) to check in. Group bookings must arrive together to check in.

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