Cue Point with
Joshua Moroney & Mursal Saiq

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Josh has been immersed in the catering world since 15 years old, eventually becoming Head Chef and Pitmaster of Smoke Stack UK. Having become frustrated with the lack of inclusivity in the BBQ industry along with co-
founder Mursal Saiq they created one of the UK’s first Inclusive BBQ companies: Cue Point Ldn.

Mursal was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her family made their way to Hackney, London, having being forced to leave under Taliban rule. Together, her and Joshua Moroney opened Cue Point Ldn, an inclusive catering company,
named one of Time Outs best London restaurants in 2022.  As well as its ethos of inclusivity Cue Point has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best barbecue joints in London.

At Cue Point they merge British and Afghan flavours, specialising in smoked meats, to create inclusive, entirely unique and delicious recipes.
Mursal has also started Cue Point Kitchen, a social impact arm, which focuses on building the generational wealth of racialised individuals in the UK hospitality industry.

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