Eats Everything

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A contemporary UK electronic music institution, Eats Everything (AKA Daniel Pearce) has a global reputation built on versatility, superlative skills and a positive outlook-core fundamentals that have made him one of the most in-demand artists around. With his roots firmly embedded in the vibrant, influential music culture of his hometown, Bristol, Eats Everything channels his broad musical palette into every aspect of his output. In 2021 the globetrotting DJ, accomplished producer, prolific remixer, label owner, radio host and mastermind behind a collection of popular party brands will celebrate 10years of his now infamous pseudonym.

Good natured and full of laughs, Eats Everything’s down-to-earth attitude belies his star status, winning him an army of loyal followers all over the world. As an artist he represents the roots of dance music culture; an open-minded selector who channels the essence of rave to cultivate an inclusive, unified feeling on the dancefloor. Despite living out his dream and achieving an array of life-affirming milestones, he remains as humble, passionate and committed as he was before success came knocking and because of that, his legacy and positive influence will endure for many years to come…

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