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Women In Jazz presents…

Since 2020’s “Peng Black Girls” gave voice to black womens’ everyday lives and experiences, rapper Enny has cemented herself as a rising star in the UK scene, and someone eager to carve her own path both sonically and lyrically. The 24-year-old’s blend of relaxed, jazzy influences and nimble flows drawing from old school grime continues to draw wide critical acclaim, and shows emphatic promise from an artist still so early in her career.

Now gearing up to release her first full body of work as a signed artist with debut EP Under 25, listeners will have had a taste of her penchant for honesty and relatability through tracks like “Same Old,” and the upbeat, buzzy “I Want.” On the EP, Enny is showing listeners the full arc of navigating life as someone still making her way in the world, dancing between easy listening and hard-hitting topics. Songs like the relaxed and woozy ‘Under 25s’ captures the essence of young adulthood, and the struggles of balancing responsibilities and passions (‘f* this 9 to 5, it’s not me / kick down doors and go chase your dreams’ she raps). And on “Keishas and Brendas” the artist candidly narrates the thought processes and experiences of survivors of abuse. They’re all stories and tales that serve as “an introduction to the world of who I am,” she says, a document of life through the artists’ own eyes.

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