Salon London Presents ‘Gigantic Ideas’

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Salon London

The most ‘Gigantic’ ideas of the year in one fast paced overview. Come along with a coffee and leave with all of the knowledge from the last year effortlessly.

Creators of Salon London, founders of the Transmission Prize and founders of The Also Festival, one of the UK’s leading festival of ideas, Juliet Russell and Helen Bagnall are mainlined into the culture of ideas. The work they do is all about celebrating and amplifying the ideas of experts, authors and academics and they particularly love those whose work is inspiring, generous and impactful – and which helps us find our way towards the ideal of the good life for all.

So drawing on their conversations with hundreds of speakers, academics and passionate experts –and they broadcast over 400 digital sessions during lockdown – they have distilled the most ‘Gigantic’ ideas of the year in to one fast paced overview, leaving you with all of the knowledge through none of the effort and all done especially for the Wilderness audience.

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