God’s Jukebox with
The Wilderness Orchestra

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If you were part of the crowd that witnessed the return of God’s Jukebox at Wilderness Season Nine, you’ll understand exactly why this Sunday session, just one-year in the making, has firmly secured it’s place as part of the Wilderness fabric and a must-see favourite among our audience.

All year, you requested the songs that have backtracked the most monumental moments in your life and the most heartfelt, truly spine-tingling dedications, were hand-picked and arranged into an utterly unique, unforgettable megamix to melt the soul. Together, we laughed, sang, embraced friends and strangers alike and shed more than just a tear or two, as The Atrium’s house band, a 47-piece Symphony Orchestra no less, alongside glorious guest singers, took us on a journey to the very heart of your stories.

With dedications that resonated within each and everyone of us and songs that filled the air with potent wonder, it’s no wonder that for our tenth birthday God’s Jukebox will return once more, to spread a little bit more of that Wilderness magic.

So, if you have that one song, that one artist, that has soundtracked your life, whether in good times or hard, this is your chance… Enter your Season Ten submission here.

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