Heart of the Feminine

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Women’s Circle

This women’s circle will help you re-member, reclaim and re-connect you to the forgotten mysteries of the Feminine and your inherent transformative power as a woman. Supporting you to unravel and question any unhelpful, distorted belief systems and limited conditioning you may have unconsciously taken on from society. Together we will remember and honour the incredible wisdom and inherent healing potential of our body, womb, hearts and voice at this time in history. Recognising all that we are and all that we have come here to be…together! The workshop will involve a talk and deep healing guided meditation. All those who identify as women welcome.

Sophie is a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, writer and long-term meditation instructor. She is also the founder of ‘Heart of the Rose’ – a new women’s festival that honours and reclaims the way of the Heart, the wild mysteries of the Feminine, and the Feminine path to Awakening. Recognising ‘the way of the Rose’, as a path of the Feminine, a path of embodiment and the path of unconditional Love.

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