Woodburner Music Presents… Henry Grace

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Alive In America’ is the debut album from British singer-songwriter Henry Grace. Struggling with depression growing up, songwriting became an outlet for him. His depression worsened after leaving school and so he moved to America. Living in Venice Beach, California, he overcame his struggles and started working as a musician. There he released the EP ‘Crash the Moon’ before heading north to San Francisco to study literature at Berkeley. Two years later he released a second EP ‘What We Took from the Mountain’ which he toured relentlessly while advocating for mental health awareness. It was around this time that he started piecing together the makings of a record. On a trip to Saginaw, Michigan, to visit Mule luthier Matt Eich, he was handed a new resonator guitar; its gritty, worn-in sound becoming the bedrock of the songs he would spend the next few months writing. Recorded live over 5 days at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, ‘Alive In America’ was released in 2022 to critical acclaim. Described by Americana UK as ‘an infinitely listenable album that resonate deeply’, the record paints a stark and vivid depiction of the country Grace called home and credits with saving his life.

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