Hunter Gather Cook – Trapper

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Trappers: Crayfishing.

What the 1000’s of folk who swim in the lakes at Wilderness don’t know is that they are chock full of American signal Crayfish, a non-native invasive species that is in serious need of being captured, removed and eaten. So invasive they are, it is actually illegal to return one if you get it out of the water. Good thing they are big and tasty!

Join the HGC team down at one of the secret lakes for a session of hauling out fresh Crayfish from the lake followed by a good ol’ fashioned crayfish boil with a selection of HGC wild dips & sides and ice cold refreshing Micheladas.

Hunter Gather Cook are the foraging and cookery school that specialise in adventures in wild food, outdoor living and self-sufficiency. All courses take place in an off-grid HQ and are designed to teach participants how to identify, process and cook a range of wild plants and animals to a high standard. They also believe in teaching fundamental skills such as making fire, trapping, shelter construction and outdoor cookery methods to help you on your way to becoming the ultimate 21st century hunter-gatherer.

This activity lasts 3 hours. It is non-refundable and will take place come rain or shine.

Over 18’s only.