Hunter Gather Cook

Come and join Hunter Gather Cook, the finest foraging and cookery school in the UK. Learn how to butcher, gather and cook the finest wild, local and fresh ingredients available at Wilderness. Almost everything will be processed and gathered on the day from the woods, fields and meadows of Cornbury park.

Hunter Gather Cook are the foraging and cookery school that specialise in adventures in wild food, outdoor living and self-sufficiency. All courses take place in an off-grid HQ and are designed to teach participants how to identify, process and cook a range of wild plants and animals to a high standard. They also believe in teaching fundamental skills such as making fire, trapping, shelter construction and outdoor cookery methods to help you on your way to becoming the ultimate 21st century hunter-gatherer.

Booking is available here:

Hunters: Deer Butchery
Gatherers: Foraging
Trappers: Crayfishing