Kundalini Goddess Ceremony

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Katie Ingham

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Awaken your divine feminine energy and discover how empowered you will feel when you step into the power of your heart. The frequency of the heart has no place for fear, judgement, anger and other emotions that steer you away from inner peace. Immerse yourself in the divine feminine flow. The ceremony will hold a space for you to love, accept and nurture all parts of yourself. Come and join Katie for an evening of introspection, healing, rejuvenation and growth.

Katie is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher specializing in soul growth. She helps seekers to find more peace and fulfilment in their lives by awakening them to their soul power, specialising in healing the heart and self-love. She is deeply passionate about Kundalini Yoga because of the gateway it opens. If you’re ready to commit, it can take you on a life-changing journey of deep healing, growth, fulfilment and purpose through self-awareness and spiritual connection.

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