Laura Mvula

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Two things: don’t call Ivor Novello-winning singer-songwriter Laura Mvula’s unapologetic, 80s pop-referencing new album Pink Noise a comeback record. “I’ve always been here,” she smiles, “I just took some time to do what I needed to do.” Secondly, this isn’t Laura Mvula 2.0. It’s not as simple as that. “Let’s go with Laura Mvula 4.5,” she laughs. “Honestly, doing this record nearly killed me. Not literally, obviously, but in some sense.” While it’s musical inspirations lean heavily into the vibrant pop Mvula loved growing up – Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chic, the list goes on – it’s an album borne out of both intense struggles and the positive realisations that come when you emerge reborn the other side. Lyrically it touches on ideas around break-ups – both personal and professional – but also a hard won appreciation for “being present and being in the moment.”

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