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Levitate is a London-based meditation and wellbeing studio, on a mission to lift up your mind, body and soul. Levitate helps thousands of individuals and companies (like Google, Space NK, ClearScore and We Work) to grow their happiness, productivity and connection.This year, Ryan Nell, global meditation coach and founder of Levitate, is joined by talented friends to curate calm amidst the glorious chaos that is Wilderness. In each journey, the Levitate collective will transport you to a place deep within, of wisdom, connection and sanctuary. Join us to stay high as we come together to celebrate our shared connection to everyone and everything. Explore and book the Levitate timetable below…

Levitate Classes

AWAKEN: Journey into Unfolding
RECHARGE: Journey into Renewal
RECONNECT: Journey into Being
BELONG: Journey into Heart and Mind
BEGIN: Journey into Movement
CLOSE: Journey into the Night
HEAL: Journey into Compassion
LEVITATE: Journey into Enlightenment
INTEGRATE: Journey into the Senses

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