MaSu and RedBerry

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The Great Brain Robbery Presents…

Virtuoso singer Ma Su ’n Redberry (composer/instrumentalist) began their work together encapsulated in the genre straddling ‘Croc-opera’ Berry had been writing. Drawing on the rich gospel education of Ma Suzi’s youth and Berry’s classical training, they between them, sculpted a new music that would enhance and intensify the originality of Berry’s work . A partnership naturally developed between the pair, born of a mutual love of the early traditions of black folk music.

Both were convinced of its deserved place among the parthenon of the greats . Having an unusual, serendipitous mutual musical understanding, the duo continued their pursuit of the forgotten and unsung pieces of a golden age that had had such an influence of their initial work together. And naturally, both being by nature performers, they embarked upon a mission to illuminate the world to the delights of their version of the classics ,and to humbly add their own ardent voices to the pile of treasure left by the greats.

Utilising steel guitars , golden vocals, honky-tonk pianos, rocking chairs and boa-constrictor tambourines , this remarkable pair will mesmerise the uninitiated, enthral the aficionados and as their tap shod feet shuffle rhythms on a sand strewn floor, their music will work its transportative magic on any lucky enough to be within earshot!

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