Mermaid Chunky

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The name “Mermaid Chunky”- a special kind of wool you can purchase from “Shaw’s” (a  local drapery, Stroud, Gloucestershire) was twisted and sullied when it was taken up by local violent Wolf gangs.

We wanted to rebrand the dark history our town has faced. When anyone hears the phrase “ Mermaid Chunky” they think of Wolf gangs-we want to change this by doing something completely different.

Tackling subjects that aren’t easy to broach didn’t stop there, Mermaid Chunky’s  most recent tracks cover issues such as The Herb Hierarchy, Newbury Bypass and Lonely Chaperones.  Born in the soft and homely valleys of Stroud from the same egg, they find themselves now straddling with one foot in Stroud and one foot paddling in  North-East London’s murky experimental music scene.They aren’t afraid of asking their audience difficult questions such as’ where is your umbilical cord right now?’ or ‘ do you love your tiny dog as much as you love yourself?’  Secrets are beguiling, that’s hard-hitting factfullness.

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