Mikey Brain

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Mikey Brain is a versatile DJ who is fascinated with the interplay between different eras, genres and styles. Mikey’s sets blend everything from rock, reggae, funk, soul to hip hop house and disco to create unique intimate sets at parties in England and Ibiza. Interactive exploration of Embodied Present Awareness, that invites the breath, receptivity, spaciousness and groundedness: these bring us wholly alive when we’re pressured or at rest. Typically we act from the brain, which drives us forwards, however we can invite the energy of the racing brain to drop, trickle down, fall towards the Earth; the Pelvic Bowl as the seat of our Being. Join me, Ron de Brito Powerful Embodied Peace Coaching and Director of the London School of Biodanza Pip Kennan to sense the wholeness we already are and the possibilities of experiencing this day by day.

Mikey Brain will be DJing at the Dining Room on Saturday night!

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