Myki Tuff

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Myki “Tuff” Richards started professionally as a bass player in 1984 with his first band Salem Foundation, that enjoyed the success of 2 charting singles, after which he moved on to playing with Studio 1 singers Eddie Fitzroy, Jennifer Lara, Ranking Joe, Anthony Johnson, Earl 16, and Leroy Smart.

All this time, he was also following his passion for soundsystems by gaining success as a DJ on the  “ORTHODOX 38” sound sytem with Wooligan  and emerging onto the UK dancehall scene as Myi Tuff, pursuing  his career with the legendary “WASSIFA” sound system along with MACKA B, SPENGMAN, and DADDY B. Wassifa became the most popular sound system in the UK culminating in Myki Tuff winning Dj of the year 1994.

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