National Maritime Museum

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The National Maritime Museum is situated in South-East London and is one of the five sites that collectively make up Royal Museums Greenwich. The Museum is dedicated to enriching people’s understanding of the sea and Britain’s role in world history though a dynamic, audience led programme.

At the National Maritime Museum we take play seriously. We believe play is freely chosen, and an active process that is without a defined end product. Play is a safe space for fun, uncertainty, risk and challenge.

The Collective Makers CIC was created in response to the lack of opportunity for emerging visual artists in their community. They campaign to improve diversity within the art sector to raise artist profiles and to seek new platforms and partnerships in the art industry by organising exhibitions and commissioning work.

Welcome Aboard!

The National Maritime Museum in partnership with The Collective Makers invite you to come and play with us.

Explore our nautical play kit inspired by the sea, experiment with your imagination and form your own world.

Drop in, suitable for age 0+. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Suitable for all abilities.

Connect to the Moon and the Earth

Royal Museums Greenwich presents Moon Viewer and Earth Viewer – two prototype apps!

Use your smartphone to take in an orbital view of the Moon and chart humanity’s exploration of the lunar surface, both crewed and robotic. Far from all Moon missions were successful. Discover the locations where American, Soviet and other nations’ spacecraft landed (or crash-landed), spanning a 60-year period from 1959 up until the present day.

 Find your place in the world and connect more closely to the Earth and explore maritime navigation, trade and exploration world routes through Earth Viewer. Partnering with tech start-up Musemio and working closely with The Museum’s Cartographer, the app places the user inside a spherical projection of planet Earth, seeing it from inside out, giving a unique visual experience of the Earth without distortion in “one go”.

Drop in, suitable for age 8+. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Suitable for all abilities.


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