Nave Real Talk Lectures

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Dr Soph – What are Emotions
Saturday 14:30 – 15:45

Dr Soph has a bachelor’s in psychology, a masters in neuroscience and doctorate in clinical psychology. She is one of the few clinical psychologists in the world right now totally taking psychology out of the therapy room. Leaving behind her traditional role as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, she has helped thousands manage their emotional wellbeing by sharing her psychological knowledge on Instagram, her blog and her online private practice. 

For a long time, people have grappled with their emotions privately. Hiding their struggles, only allowing their stress and distress to arise once firmly behind closed doors. Wonderfully, the times are changing. It’s no longer (quite so) taboo to say you feel sad, angry, anxious or other. However, while people are talking more about emotions, few truly know what emotions are. 

In this lecture, Dr. Soph will give you (more than) the foundations to understand what your emotions are, and how yours are unique to you. She will also give you the first steps to truly get to know yours intimately, helping you welcome in even the ones that feel the scariest. 

Pandora Paloma – New leadership: How to be a Model and not a Mirror
Saturday 16:00 – 17

Pandora Paloma is a Business Coach, Maker of Magnetism and Author, helping women and female entrepreneurs to access and accelerate their magnetism to reach next-level success. Using her business mantra of spirituality meets strategy, she uses a transformative 5 pillar framework: self, vision, expansion, embodiment and magnetism, a process that helps women elevate their mindset, expand their beliefs and live their vision in life and business. Activating abundance through mindset and embodiment.

Hana Walker-Brown – Authentic AF
Saturday 17:30 – 18:45

Authenticity is knowing yourself deeply, feeling at home in your body, in your values. It’s a practice and superpower but all too often we lose ourselves in the noise around us, everywhere we look we are being told who and what and how we should be. It’s easy to forget who we are at our core, and it takes courage to go against a society that capitalises on our insecurity and doubt. This talk will unpack the power of showing up in the world as you and only you, empowering and encouraging you to find and harness your authentic voice.

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