Patchwork Jazz Orchestra

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra are plugged into the spirit of the current London jazz scene, littered with talented writers and players unafraid of thinking big.” Julian Joseph

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra is a factory of sound, materialising the musical fantasies of a new generation of jazz musician. A millennial big band that has no leader but a variety of composers using the ensemble as a conceptual testing platform for fresh sounds and ideas.

With such a vast array of musical perspectives, the music ranges from luscious and sweet melodies to broad walls of sound, from drum and bass to funeral marches, from fairytale ballads to calypso. The only continuous force within the group is the 17 musicians that power the vibrations and their universal passion for improvisation. Drawing on the wealth of history of the big band format, PJO have revamped it into a well-oiled musical machine that embraces a modern day philosophy of music making.

After winning the Peter Whittingham Award in 2015, the band have been busy hosting their own “Patchwork” nights in London, and have just finished recording their first album at AIR Studios. The album features the compositions of a handful of the bands members, and is scheduled for release at the end of this year.