Pinky Promise Presents: Why We Need to Fight for Equitable Sex Education w/ Sophia Smith Galer

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It’s easy to assume we live in a world that respects our sexual freedom. Across the UK, countries are making sex education compulsory; there are ever more groundbreaking TV series challenging stereotypes we hold around sex…

But that’s not the whole story. As Sophia has charted in her highly acclaimed debut book Losing It: Sex Education for the 21st Century, Sophia documents a world that believes in a wide catalogue of sex myths because their sex ed has been wholly absent or poor.

She also reports on the many groups trying to block access to comprehensive sex education, both in the UK and abroad.

Pinky Promise is a community platform who champion new ways to be playful, sensual & intimate. Pinky Promise firmly believe all of us deserve to have the freedom, space, and permission to discover and be the fullest expression of ourselves, beyond the limitations and prejudices of existing societal structures. By sharing our knowledge, skills, and perspectives, we open ourselves up to a richer experience of life, ourselves, and each other. By talking about things that aren’t easily or widely spoken about and bringing to light all of our contradictions, confusions, experiences and secrets, we clear the ground for new understandings and deep intimacy beyond shame, judgment, and constraint.

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