Powerful Embodied Peace

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How to Create it – Ron de Brito

Lively and interactive body-brain love affair! Do you ever find that your gut feelings get overridden by your head-brain – as though your head works separately from your heart and soul?

Which choices serve you most fully when you are challenged and can you consciously create a whole-body dialogue?
It’s time to get into our wholeness, our sense of separation is harming for us and and our communications.

Join me to connect to our body responses and head-brain reactions, so that we can grow a loving relationship between our thoughts and words & heart-and-belly grounded presence.

When we are challenged by words, actions or situations, we can grow awareness of our patterns, accept the reactions that flare up in microseconds in our brains, wait and not act from here, slow down and create our own juicy compassion, then CHOOSE to act in alignment with our values and needs.

Join me to explore Powerful Embodied Peace – Compassionate Communication within the self, to create spaciousness and peaceful, powerful presence. Speak from the heart and listen to others with empathy, so as to discover and understand their underlying needs and values together with ways to connect so that everyone’s needs matter. Live your authentic self in attunement with the world.

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