Psychedelic Mindfulness

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Sarah Tilley

Sarah Tilley MLCHom MCMA LTCL. Registered with the Complementary Medical Association in homeopathy, holistic healing, sound healing and long term student of Esther Perel, psychedelics offer my clients a faster and more effective route to successful living.

Psychedelic mindfulness is a drug free supportive practice that educates in the latest psychedelic research and as a learned tool may help with the integration of a psychedelic trip, support a microdosing practice, or for newbies, remove the mystery of what a psychedelic trip is all about.

Optimising the brains neural plasticity you will be lead on a creative visual journey with music. Under guidance you will travel through multiple layers of the psyche, unlocking creative imagination leading to fresh perspectives on old assumptions. 

Psychedelic mindfulness is a journey through the body, mind and imagination, a practice that can cultivate an altered state with the safety of an experienced guide. Learn about set and setting, self-analysis, the minutiae of somatic observation and how personal transformation is linked to a growth mindset and visionary practice.

Please note extra experiences are not refundable or exchangeable if you book incorrectly, so please make sure you know which class you’d like to take part in before booking. Read our full T&Cs here.

If you’ve booked in advance, please bring a copy of the lead booker’s I.D. and your confirmation email (printed or screenshotted on your phone) to check in. Group bookings must arrive together to check in.

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