Pyrography Art with Ruth Wheeler

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Artist Ruth Wheeler will introduce you to the exciting world of  pyrography art.

You will choose a wooden shape or small plank and will learn how to get a design onto the wood and then with an artist pyrography pen you will carefully burn your design into the wood and maybe incorporate paint into your design.

Age Recommendation: 8 Years + / FAMILY FRIENDLY  / ADULTS

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Surrey based Artist, Art and Yoga Teacher Ruth Wheeler has been a practising artist and Art and Sculpture teacher for 25 years and is very experienced in leading workshops for all ages and abilities.

She is one of the leading pyrography artists in the UK with a distinct style and teaches workshops and retreats from her Surrey  Woodland Art Space and other venues in the UK and around the world.

She is passionate about using local wood and depicting the surroundings that are around her as well as working Seasonally. Nature, trees, ferns, florals, Sea Scapes and Cultural patterns such as  Indian Mandalas Indian, Moroccan tile patterns and retro prints feature in her collections.

“Ruth believes that anyone can find their creativity through pyrography which means “drawing with fire ” and she finds that this art form has become part of her mindfulness practise as it helps to quieten the mind.” 


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