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Niche live performer, DIY producer and London-based french composer roscius has spent the last years building himself a unique reputation in the alt music world. He launched his debut vinyl WMD#1* in a London Art gallery in 2015, where he performed whilst artist MRSCMillo painted the hand-numbered and signed sleeves in real time. (*= World Minimal Disco).

Since then, eps and single releases have been flowing, with premieres on Clash Music, Xlr8r, Trax, or french Radio Nova, to name a few. Now a regular at Glastonbury and Wilderness Festival, roscius has recently joined international line ups at Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), We Love Green & InaSound (Paris), Hong Kong’s Clockenflap, FOST summit (NYC), Cyprus’s Afro Banana Republic.

Mastering the art of improvisation, combining percussion experiments, lyric-less vocals, rare live sampling and harmonization skills, roscius “creates a unique and absorbing soundscape, genuinely innovative and emotional”. Touring independently around the globe also enabled him to collect handmade music instruments, from West African bongos, South American shakers, Asian gongs, Armenian tambourins to a small japanese analog keyboard (bought in a vintage market in Berlin);

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