Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton

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Presented by Cut A Shine

Skilfully performed instrumental music deeply rooted in the Scottish tradition. Ross and Ali, two of Scotland’s most prominent musicians, bring together original compositions from their highly acclaimed albums, Symbiosis I, II and III, ranging from high octane jigs and reels to beautifully melodic slow airs. The music is a masterful blend of the old and the new, modern Scottish folk music at its mightiest!!!!! 

The latest album, Symbiosis III was recorded during lockdown and released on 2nd October 2020. It’s an album that represents the band’s live gigs as a trio with Jenn Butterworth on guitar, vocals and stomp. It is a snapshot of the kind of music and arrangements that they play at smaller, more intimate gigs and consists of music from Symbiosis I, II and a few previously unrecorded songs and tunes.

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