Royal Albert Hall’s Jazz for Kids

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Following a hugely successful debut at Wilderness Festival in 2019, the Royal Albert Hall’s Jazz for Kids returns in 2022, but this time with the addition of a pre-concert family workshop to prepare the audience for their starring role in the main performance!

 Jazz for Kids concerts aim to introduce little ears to the wonderful world of jazz music through relaxed concerts for families, performed by professional musicians from Albert’s Band. Each concert features carefully selected jazz repertoire presented in an informal environment where children can express themselves, with no expectation to stay still or quiet.

Albert’s Band is the resident Engagement ensemble at the Royal Albert Hall. They are a versatile and highly skilled group of professional musicians who are hand-picked for their passion for delivering workshops, concerts and projects, both as the Hall and in the community. The musicians come together in a variety of combinations which are tailored to each project that they work on, from a trio performing in care homes and hospices as part of the Hall’s Songbook sessions through to a full symphony orchestra for family concerts on the Hall’s world-famous main stage.

Engagement at the Royal Albert Hall creates memories, changes lives and provides inspiration through music for all, regardless of age or background. Find out more at

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