Sex Work, Censorship
and Safety

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Dominatrices Adreena Angela and Neena De Ville will be sitting down for a Q&A to discuss what it is like to be sex workers in a post-Sesta/Fosta world.

Please note we welcome 16+ festival attendees to this discussion, although the talk will contain adult themes that some may consider unsuitable for under 18s, your discretion is advised.

The internet, a once unregulated playground and tool for sex workers and consumers, has recently become more restricted thanks to the SESTA/FOSTA bills passed in the United States. While the intention of these bills is to decrease sex trafficking through online sites, the wider impacts of these laws on sex workers’ safety are in question.

Mistress Adreena Angela is a London based dominatrix, fetish performer and equal rights advocate. She is the owner of one of London’s largest dungeons and takes a progressive, kink positive approach to her work. She has been involved in various gender quality campaigns and is passionate about sex workers rights.

Mistress Neena De Ville is a NYC based Dominatrix and creative. Educated at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion, her BDSM journey began while in Uni and she has continued to merge her love for fashion, art, kink, and experiential design.

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