Sipsmith Gin Palace

This is no ordinary watering hole.

This is a rarefied establishment, fit for the entertainment of sophisticated ladies and merry gentlemen. Revel in a world filled with decadent wonder and a rich abundance of fine botanicals and spice.

Indulge in the heady scents of Macedonian Juniper, Spanish lemon, Chinese Cassia bark and Madagascan cinnamon. Bask in the crackle of tonic fizz and regal finesse. Take a step into a bar like no other. Take a step into the Sipsmith Palace Of Gin.

The raucous Sipsmith jazz party is a fixture and there will also be a series of ‘make your own’ masterclasses: ‘The Gin Classics’, ‘Stir or Throw your Martini’ and ‘A Walk Down Gin Lane’.