Smutty Letters

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Rosy Pendlebaby

Rediscovering The Lost Art of The Erotic Epistle

Say no to the fast and flaccid romance of the digital age, and revive the lost art of the erotic epistle! Bid farewell to soulless swiping, sexting, and scattergunning dick pics to strangers, and bring back the exchange of carefully-crafted, indulgently intimate, dirty dispatches sent via slow and sexy snail mail!

Lie back and listen to a selection of salacious readings of smut from yesteryear, before letting your own (creative) juices flow as you are guided through the writing exercises they inspire. Gently brush away the dust of shame and judgement and explore what it means to unleash your love, lust, and longing in literary form! Writing materials supplied. 18+.

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