Sounds of Harlowe

Sounds Of Harlowe are a grunge-soul collective with a wide range of influences who blend elements of soul, hip-hop, metal and jazz to create their own signature brand of music.

“Incendiary live hip-hop/soul rabble rousers packing deep lyrics, subterranean grooves and stratospheric brass – elevated by impossibly electrifying musicians.” – Sounddhism

The Bristol based group’s infectious live performances have allowed them to headline shows around the UK, as well as perform at a variety of festivals from the likes of Boomtown and Bestival, to Soundwave Croatia and Nozstock.

This culminated in their first UK tour at the end of 2016 after a limited release the debut EP Change Of Disposition which, after having some finishing tweaks made, received a full online release in January 2018.

“Sounds Of Harlowe… deliver an almost erotic experience.”Yack Magazine 

Fat City

“If you’re new to SOH you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear after experiencing their dynamic, lyrical, not-perfect party vibes which twist and turn through soul, hip-hop, funk” – 

Emerging Icons 

“Smashing together hip-hop and jazz with their own inimitable style, Sounds of Harlowe are one of the most memorable acts you’ll ever see on a live stage!”

Ents 24