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The travelling circus of stories returns for another year to dollop a dose of storybook magic to The Family Area. Our programme this year is all about celebrating the world we live in through stories, pictures, dance and drama. From the Indian Himalayas to the bottom of sea, come and grow your own story, become an eco-warrior, collaborate on our gigantic handprint collage, doodle your dreams make your own world and listen to stories about our animals, mountains, oceans and plants. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Sessions on offer throughout the weekend include:

Eco-Warrior Head-dress Making
Get ready for the weekend.

I am the Lorax, I Speak for the Trees
Immersive Dr. Seuss storytelling, for all ages.

The Story Hour
Lie back and listen to your favourite stories, for all ages.

Wake Up Wild Things!
Morning stories and songs.

Just Right…
Join Goldilocks and the three bears and help find the perfect porridge, chair or bed – immersive musical storytelling for 0-3s with the Music House for Children

Sing Your Story
Musical theatre workshop with Brit-Award winning musicians

Grow Your Own Story
Come and paint your own compostable pot, plant one of our seedlings and compose a poem to set it on its way.

Make a World
Create your own globe from papier mache and hold the whole world in your hands.

Use your words to change the world. Write a letter to world leaders to add your voice to the climate change story.

Storystock Emporium
Open up the dressing up box of wonder and become your favourite characters.

Sharky & George
The Carnival of animals.

Collaborative Creativity
Get stuck in with our gigantic handprint collage.

Movie Screening and Singalong with Brit-Award Winning Musicians
Line up to be announced, stay tuned…

Jess French
Join Dr. Jess (the ‘Minibeasts Lady’ from CBBC) with her brilliant show based on her book ‘What a Waste!’. All about rubbish and recycling, and what we can do to help our planet.

Bollywood and Bhangra
Dance the stories of india with Sohan Kailey from Aashiyana Arts.

On offer all weekend at the Storystock Tent…
All daydream-doodling tables – Storystock Dressing Up Box – The Book Doctor and Library – Never-Ending Stories (tune in to your favourite stories on our magic headphones).

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