Sanderson Jones & Sunday Assembly

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The Joy of Gathering

Sanderson Jones and Sunday Assembly are hosting a service on ‘The Joy of Gathering’. After almost two years stuck in our houses expect a raucous celebration of the simple act of coming together. Led by Sanderson (who we believe is the actual host with the most) you’ll sing, move, meditate, laugh, think and much else besides. The one thing we can promise: by the end of one hour you’ll be trembling with excitement about gathering.

Sunday Assembly is the global movement of secular congregations founded by Sanderson Jones in 2013. Today there are 40 communities across the world dedicated to adapting the congregation in a way everyone can take part. In an age where we need community more than ever, these guys are a big part of the answer.

The Art Of Creating Community

We need community more than ever but how do we do it? What’s the step between wanting it, and having it? Luckily we’ve brought you the perfect people to answer that question: Sanderson Jones and the Sunday Assembly. The bearded comedian turned community builder turned award-winning social entrepreneur will explore the big questions around community, and give you tips on how to get more connection in your life.

But, don’t worry, this isn’t a dry and dusty lecture (though we like those too) expect songs, laughs, contemplation and conversation to get your endorphins flowing, and dopamine dancing.

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