Tamsin Omund
Extinction Rebellion

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The Talk is the core of Extinction Rebellion’s mobilisation. A version of this talk has been given to hundreds of thousands of rebels around the world. The success of this talk’s transformative power was witnessed on the streets of London when, for eleven days, tens of thousands of people became participants in a movement of non-violent civil disobedience. These people transformed their lives and the political and cultural landscape – bringing the climate and ecological emergency into public and mainstream consciousness and breaking through the Brexit hold on our headlines.

This talk by Tamsin Omond of Extinction Rebellion will cover two main things:

1. The ecological crisis – the latest science on what risks there are and our current trajectory which includes the possibility of abrupt (i.e. near term dramatic climate change) and human extinction.

2. Understanding our emotional response and about appropriate responses. The basic premise of this talk is to tell the truth and ask us all to act accordingly and consistently with the information, including our understanding of what actually enables change to happen in the world.

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