The Cause Presents Tribes

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Runner up for DJ Mag’s ‘Best Small UK Club’ award, the versatile London based venue The Cause is coming of age. Held in an old car mechanics depot in Tottenham, it is a 100% grass roots arts & events space supporting dance culture, London nightlife, independent business and positive mental health.

Tribes is the club’s biggest show, an extension of the infamous London Loft Party who’s nomadic parties and relationships formed the DNA for The Cause.¬†Starting off as an intimate basement party for 200 like minded friends and family, they’ve danced in private lofts, boats, forests, tunnels, farms and the best warehouses London has to offer. Tribes presents regular six room, 16 hour parties at The Cause with the various crews from it’s journey hosting rooms and inviting artists to play.

Now the Tribes party comes to The High Ground bringing along friends Cromby, Dom Chung and Voigtmann.

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