The Chicken Brothers

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The Chicken Brothers have taken their Fun’n’Bass antics across Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and their native UK, delighting audiences taste buds with this positive, energetic and refreshing recipe:

Start by breaking a beat into a large pan of warm bass, mash together with a generous helping of vintage inspiration, and a healthy measure of classic tunes. Mix well, with a broad selection of genres, and season for modern sound systems to create a high heat. Serve with maximum energy, epic polyrhythmic turntablism, and a dash of microphone hype and you’ll be sure to garnish the audience with smiles.

Described as being ‘more animated than the entire Disney-Pixar back catalogue’, these two larger-than-life characters are developing into more than just a DJ duo. With an all-you-can-eat offer on culinary puns, and a love of music and fun at their core, the feathered brethren are spreading their multimedia wings to span the globe… these easy going vibemasters always smash the show!

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