The Dimmocks

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You know those songs that everyone loves? Well, forget them. Instead, imagine them led by a ukulele, saturated in flawless beer-drenched harmonies, and with roaring blues guitar solos.  The Dimmocks play an eclectic set of fun-time, sing-along classics from the 50s to modern day dub-step. They are handsome, polite in new situations and always well-dressed.

The Dimmocks are a group of friends who love playing music and attending parties. Over the years, The Dimmocks have been booked for shin-digs of all shapes and sizes, from small, intimate weddings and birthday parties, to corporate events and product launches, to large gig venues and festivals.  No matter where they play, the good-times will follow.

I had no preconception of what you might sound like, but if I had, you would have exceeded it” – Wedding Guest, Cotswolds

“the best thing I have seen all weekend – better than Clean Bandit” – Random Reveller – The Secret Garden Party

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