The Frontier Bar

Looking for something with a bit more flavour in the Wilderness? Then look no further than The Frontier Bar. Brewed in the historic Griffin Brewery at Chiswick, Frontier pushes the boundaries of lager as you know it. Frontier blends old world Caragold and Pale malts with new world hops, such as Cascade, Liberty and Williamette to give a fresh, citrus note that complements Frontier’s depth of flavour.

Frontier was born to go with food – and on Friday we will be hosting the Frontier Feast, an exclusive evening of beer and BBQ. Frontier is also the main partner for the Opening Night Banquet, so come and treat yourself to a couple of pints of Frontier with your friends while enjoying a tasty treat from the Woodfired Canteen.

Frontier is brewed by Fuller’s and we’ve been experimenting with flavour for over 170 years – so it’s no surprise that Frontier delivers a consistently excellent and refreshing flavour.