The Grand Irrational

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The Club House brings you the finest in all British Sunday frivolities, a day at the horse races.  

The world’s most bizarre and unique ‘horses’ come from far and wide to compete at this race, you may find it hard to choose who to back.  Night Mare makes racing look more like the awkward disposal of a body under moonlight, Mane Event is clearly just running for the mirror, and only the chosen few can actually see the Thestral.  If you were there last year, Bridle Suite clearly needs no introduction. Billed as “one of the most brilliant and bizarre events I’ve ever been part of” by a well-seasoned festival performer, we feel it’s best you come and check it out for yourself.

If, during the event, you find yourself A Little Horse from the days excitement look out for our Horsepetality, out to care for your every need on the hoof.

Join us in your finest Sunday attire (fabulous hat essential), you may even find yourself among the dazzling occupants of the Royal Enclosure.

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