The Greencrafts Village

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The Greencrafts Village are the leading collective of craft making and green thinking at festivals, having founded the first ever GreenCrafts field at Glastonbury 30 years ago. The area now gathers pre-eminent artisan craft makers in huge skill-share villages, showcasing and sharing combined green making, thinking and creation. The village is a relaxed and friendly environment where all are welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced hands.

There’s over 20 workshops on offer in the village each day – all in different handmade shelters.

Everyone is welcome in our skill-share of creating beautiful things, with raw and natural materials, using sustainable and endangered skills, that will nourish your positive life-force, enable our green planet vision, and create new cultural heritage. The Greencrafts Village operates entirely off-grid; run on solar, wind and people power, come and re-examine a different or more traditional way of doing things, while connecting with natural, sustainably sourced or recycled materials!

For your home or garden, for yourself or friend, the Greencrafts Village can transform mind, hand and material into truly memoral and unique experiences.

All levels of experience are welcome on a drop-in basis. Children are welcome to attend if accompanied by an adult.

Join us from Thursday at 14:00hrs – 18:00hrs, then all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10:00hrs – 18:00hrs

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