The Love Hotel

The Love Hotel
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From the creators of the much loved ‘Juke Joint’, Petersham Road presents ‘The Love Hotel’- a secret underworld where conformity is rejected and losing your inhibitions is encouraged.  

This is the kitsch, boutique hotel of LOVE where you are invited to stay as long as the shenanigans are shaking. Step inside to a place which will transcend all your expectations, a place where anything goes and where dancing is a must.

Showcasing new and exciting talent, you’ll find eclectic, shimmering performances, tribal-tropical beats, party-starting electro pop, R&B jams and folk music. This stage brings together sounds from all over the world featuring some of the most exhilarating artists.  

Be prepared to get glittered by the hotels inhabitants, vacancies are available for those who want to delve a little further. Take a room, bed down for the night… Lose yourself at The Love Hotel.