The Moth and the Mountain

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A True Story of Love, War and Everest

Maurice Wilson was a British war hero, a mystic, and a philanderer with dark secrets. In 1933, he set off on an crazy journey. He wanted to fly his biplane to the Himalayas, crash land at the foot of Mount Everest, then climb to the top–alone. In “The Moth and the Mountain”, the New Yorker writer Ed Caesar has written a vivid biography of this extraordinary man. The book not only recounts the harum-scarum, year-long adventure that Wilson undertook by air and on foot, but the demons that drove him to begin his quest. “The Moth and the Mountain” has been called a “classic” by the Sunday Times, “mad, magnificent and moving” by Phillipe Sands, and “one of the best books ever written about Everest” by Dan Jones, the celebrated historian who interviews him at Wilderness.


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