Sanderson Jones & Sunday Assembly

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The Mother of All Weddings

The pandemic really effed up almost two years of weddings and we want to make it up to you. On Sunday at the Atrium Sanderson Jones (wedding celebrant, comedian and secular vicar extraordinaire) and Sunday Assembly (the UK’s favourite secular alternative to church) will be hosting The Mother of All Weddings. It’s a chance for all the brides & grooms, grooms & grooms, brides & brides and every other combination under the rainbow to celebrate their love and everyone’s invited.

There’ll be first dances, vows, a huge aisle, readings, singalong power ballads and a few surprises for good measure.

If you want to get involved then fill out the form below. We’ll give you the best wedding of your life: walk up the aisle to the Atrium, be serenaded by the Sunday Assembly choir, say your vows and be lifted by the love of thousands of Wild Ones.

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