The Naked POP inQUIZition

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This isn’t your average pop quiz…Or anything like a pop quiz!

Guaranteed to get everyone up and moving, and grooving. Like a bit of competition? So do we! Wireless buzzers let you battle with multiple teams, where your team’s participation is THE only way to win!

NAKED {ney-kid} Adjective: Devoid of elaboration or concealment; bare and pure We love your bodies, and we hope you love ours too.

POP {póp} Adjective: (of music or art) new and of general appeal (especially among young people).

INQUISITION {in-kwi’zi-shun} Noun: A severe interrogation (often violating the rights or privacy of individuals).

You don’t need to know anything about music.

You don’t have to get naked.

You just have to love.

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