The Naked Professor

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Changing the Stigma Around Mental Health
Friday 14:45 – 15:45

We work on our bodies, track our nutrition & dress to impress…but beneath that, something is often missing. Just like our physical health can be improved, so too can our mental health. It’s time to strip away the stigma & embrace the work we can do to feel good, as highly as we do looking good. 

Drawing from his own personal story, Ben openly guides the audience to discover:
1) Why our mental health matters.
2) How to improve it.
3) How to live a more fulfilling life. 

Masculinity in 2021
Saturday 13:30 – 14:15

Masculinity is under fire, men are increasingly becoming unsure of who they are meant to be in today’s world. In this talk Ben discusses healthy mascuine behaviour, how to embrace it, and why he feels change can be so beneficial for us all.

Ben has lived two very different lives, having gone from “toxic” habits, to finding a healthier way himself; he offers an incredible perspective on masculinity & how men can move forward.

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