The Secret Post Office

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The diligent posties from the Secret Post Office will be posting your hand-made mail to anyone you so desire at Wilderness.

The Post Office is open daily from 9am-5pm. There you can decorate postcards, write long and heartfelt love letters, choose delivery times and make large parcels.

Mark your post with an address or a description of the recipient and their general whereabouts and the hardworking posties will track them down. Early morning rounds are particularly successful at getting mail out before breakfast.

They have their own bicycles, megaphones, post trolley and post boxes around the site. Drop by the Post Office and make someones day.

The bicycle-riding postmen at the Secret Post Office are perhaps the only postmen in the world able to locate the intended recipient of their mail by such vaguely described addresses as ‘North Camp by security thing, in-between pirate and smiley face flags.” Virgin Music Blog


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