The Life Centre

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Founded in Notting Hill in 1993, The Life Centre is one of London’s oldest centres dedicated to yoga, pilates and therapies. Our studios offer a friendly haven, where yoga, pilated and natural therapies inspire wellbeing in the London communities of Notting Hill and Islington, in our new home in Manchester and for many visitors from further afield. We believe firmly in the values of community: by being an integral part of our local communities, by playing our part in the wider London and UK yoga communities, and, perhaps most importantly, by helping to create a community among our students and clients. We also believe that there is a yoga path for everyone, female or male, young or old, stiff or bendy, there are many authentic paths of yoga, all of which deserve respect. We believe that our teachers and therapists should be well trained but should each retain their own unique style, approach and creativity.

The Life Centre will be bring an eclectic selection of an Awakening talk, workshops, a Mythical Flow masterclass and standard yoga classes over the course of the festival weekend.


Line Up

Release and Strength, a back bending workshop with The Life Centre

An Ashtanga Yoga Taster Class, with Eunice Laurel from The Life Centre

Mythical Flow; Ground with Ganesh. A Masterclass with The Life Centre

Journey to Awakening; Yoga beyond the mat with The Life Centre