Tom Bull – The Songs of Woody Guthrie

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Thomas Bull is a folk singer. His latest project is a collection of Woody Guthrie songs reimagined for the modern audience. Bull said ‘At the start of the pandemic I felt drawn to Guthrie’s songs more than ever before… they talk such sense, and were a great comfort in a time of unprecedented upheaval. There is a timelessness to his songs… which I have tried to bring out in these recordings.’ Celebrated banjo player, Dan Walsh, features on the record which will be released in full later this year. The lead single – Hard Travelin’ – showcases Bull’s fascinating take on this classic material, and brings Guthrie’s work leaping back into life.

In 2014 Bull made the Glastonbury Emerging Talent finals, and performed four shows at the festival later that year. He has since spent time in Nashville where he has written with grammy award winning producer, Paul Ebersold, and with Jason Isbell’s right hand man Sadler Vaden. The resulting material was released under another name and saw Bull supporting artists including Dr John, Candi Staton, James Hunter, Booker T and Ronnie Wood.

Bull later switched sides and became a full time booking agent for heritage artists. For several years Bull booked household names and industry legends into shows and festivals all over the world, continuing to write songs when he could. Lockdown provided some space to record this original material, which is now being released.

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